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To be inspired is to become creative, innovative and energized we want this philosophy to trickle down to all our stakeholders.

Medical Cannabis & Pharmaceutical Project ManagerShmuel Tzur

Shmuel is an intelligence and security expert with 15 years of experience from both the government and private sector. He has gained tremendous experience in terms of crime prevention, crime risk reduction and intelligence.

B.A. in Criminology and Political Science

M.A. in National Security  

Certified Physical Security Director by the Israeli Police


Yossi Keret

CO-Owner and CEO

Yoram Zil

Co-Owner and CEO

Shmuel Tzur

Medical Cannabis & Pharmaceutical Project Manager

Yotam Stoler

VP Loss Prevention & Security

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Thinking outside the box locked and loaded, to overcome key issues to meet milestones through advanced technology.

Our deep expertise & diverse experience.

Our deep expertise & diverse experience.

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Conduct security and loss prevention risk surveys

Susan Hawkins

I have never seen such a great team working so hard to succeed.

Cannabis security service

Robert Rawland

The staff is knowledgeable and very caring of their clients.

Cannabis business security services

Kelly Shaw

Their working knowledge is evident in all that the team does for us.

Standford Law

They made me feel so welcome when I was out of my comfort zone.