Medical Cannabis Risks During Transportation

23rd November 20190

Medical Cannabis use in the healthcare industry is on the rise. It is known to have unique characteristics for aiding patients to cope with their illness and overcome severe pain.

At the same time, Cannabis is still considered an illegal drug in most countries, thus requiring special licenses and regulatory demands for handling it.

One of the main conditions for acquiring such license is the implementation of solid physical security measures throughout the logistic chain. Farms, factories, warehouses, pharmacies and dispensaries are all required to come up with a relevant security plan for preventing crime such as robbery, theft etc.

While complex’s security risks are relatively solid, it is quite different when it comes to Medical Cannabis during transit. While on the move, several risky situations can occur and most of them are not in the driver’s hands, thus making it more difficult to control. For example- Armed robbery, vehicle breakdown, deliberate car accidents, weather conditions which can effect driving speed etc.

Thus, the planning of security measures for Medical Cannabis during transit must take in to consideration the following topics: Amount of goods and its worth; length and crime history throughout the route; implementation of GPS and security systems controlled by a remote control room; time response of police and security forces; written procedures and protocols for dealing with unexpected risky situations; manning of armed security personnel to escort the goods etc.

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