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The issue of security and loss prevention is a major concern for all companies, regardless of the size. However, with a comprehensive analysis of your company, and all sectors operating within it, you will be able to identify the company’s vulnerabilities and high risk factors. Identifying a company’s weaknesses is the first step towards securing the company.

Conducting a security and loss prevention risk survey will provide you with all the information your company needs to identify the direct impact of potential threats and risks on valuable Medical Cannabis assets as well as operations. With the survey, the company will be able to achieve a standard level of security and safety.  The security and loss prevention risk survey will also provide a cost effective means of limiting liability and prepare your company for contingencies to allow uninterrupted operations during periods of potential crises.

Conduct Security And Loss Prevention Risk Surveys


We will begin by discussing with the key stakeholders to and setting the best objectives for the company. We will base these objectives on core attributes of the company such as industrial and corporate history as well as preliminary analysis and assessment. We will do this by carrying out a thorough analysis of all existing security protocols and routines.

We will also discuss with critical members of staff responsible for the adoption of the safety measures. This will enable us to identify critical assets as well as vulnerabilities and threats. We may also need to make certain changes in the existing security policies in order to minimize the risk.

After our preliminary findings, we will create a preliminary report designed to fulfill the survey’s objectives. The preliminary report will cover all critical assets as well as potential risks and suggest measures to be put in place in order to reduce the effects of a potential crisis scenario. This preliminary report will also be reviewed by the senior management after which the final report can be prepared.

Because no two companies are the exact same, it doesn’t make any sense to follow many preset rules while designing a survey. Instead, what we do is; we focus on the uniqueness of each company that we work with to design a survey that fits the company perfectly.

We factor in unique attributes of the company while designing the survey so as to capture the individuality of the company in order to custom fit a survey to match the exact needs of the company. We consider factors like:

  • The scope of the company’s operations, the scale of operation and number of facilities used.
  • The value of company assets encompassing the manpower, information and property.
  • The visibility of the company and its top executives.

Throughout the process of carrying out the survey, we will maintain constant communication with the key employees so as to ensure an efficient and smooth survey process as well as the best possible results.

Hire Heptagon group to conduct security and loss prevention risk survey for your company to ensure that your company is as safe and secure as possible.

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