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Intelligence remains one of the most valuable driving forces behind any organization. With the right intelligence, organizations can make informed and guided decisions as well as relatively accurate predictions with regards to the next step or future plans.

The central Intelligence Agency defines intelligence analysis as the application of individual and collective cognitive methods to weigh data and test hypotheses within a secret socio-cultural context.

This means that intelligence must be gathered discretely and professionally. Intelligence helps direct the vision and objectives of the company. Core executive decisions are made based on intelligence, and these decisions drive the company in the proper direction. The company’s goals are achieved efficiently when there is quality intelligence to go on. Quality intelligence also helps the company avoid wrong decisions and detect current industry trends.

Information is power, and intelligence is the highest form of information. The right intelligence can help propel a company to great heights. This is why the quality of intelligence used to make executive company decisions should not be compromised or left to chance.

Gather and analyze intelligence

What we offer.
Heptagon group will help your company gather quality intelligence from multiple sources. The intelligence gathered from several verifiable and legitimate sources will then be analyzed.
We carry out our analysis based on the needs of the company. We may choose on or more of these forms of analysis.
1. All-source analysis. This involves analyzing information from all relevant sources related to the industry.
2. Single discipline analysis. This involves analyzing intelligence from a single professional point of view.
3. Technical processing. Analysis can also be done as a part of technical organizational processes which makes it easier. This approach is a sort of hand-on approach and when used, it often gives excellent results.
We Have several professional intelligence analysts. Our analysts will process, analyze and distribute all relevant intelligence and provide the company with information about the current situation and industry trends.
Our analysts collect information from lots of individuals and sift through the information to find overlaps which can then be regarded as verified information. This shared truth is usually much more reliable than information gathered from a single source.
We usually endeavor to avoid all intelligence error, so as to prevent any factual inaccuracies while carrying out our analysis.
We strive for the utmost accuracy while gathering and analyzing intelligence. We recognize the sensitive and critical nature of intelligence as well as the executive decision making process. This is why we take great care to verify all information before using them.
We analyze intelligence to protect your company against threats, as well as help make informed decision based on industry trend and history. We can also analyze intelligence in order to postulate accurate predictions that can be used to make progressive decisions and take calculated risks.
Contact the Heptagon group to collect and analyze intelligence for your company right now. With the right intelligence, your company will move in the right direction and make all the best decisions.

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