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With the increase in demand for medical cannabis services, the number and severity of product thefts have also increased. It is therefore essential for a logistics operator to be able to demonstrate its reliability in countering any threats in this regard. The pharmaceutical logistics are complex and delicate since it must guarantee the correct preservation of thermo sensitive products during long and articulated expeditions. Added to this are the risks associated with theft and damage to the cargo, which not only represent damage to companies, but also an inconvenience for health services, which could find themselves without supplies of medicines. Since prevention is fundamental in logistics, it is necessary to understand which are the dangers of drug shipments and the corresponding solutions, so as to be able to avoid them and guarantee the safety and integrity of the goods.

Implement security and loss prevention SOP through the logistic chain

An Organic Approach to Warehouse Security: The standard specifies the main requirements for an adequate security management system, with particular attention to the most critical steps in the supply chain. These, in fact, are not limited only to manufacturing; packaging processes, storage and transfer of goods, but also includes all the processes that directly impact the supply chain, such as financial activities, information management, and human resources.

Visibility and monitoring: Shipments cannot always be protected from various dangers, but, if properly monitored, can be recovered in time. This is why it is important to have geo location and tracking systems, so as to be able to intervene immediately in the event of anomalies, delays and unexpected deviations. Furthermore, the use of these tools allows you to record, store and analyzes the data of each shipment, in order to understand the trend and optimize routes and procedures.

Reports: Prevention depends largely on risk awareness. This is why the reports of the various incidents are so important: avoiding reporting on a theft not only prevents the authorities from setting themselves in motion to resolve the incident but also distorts the general perception of the number of incidents that have occurred. For this reason, it is important to make sure that every event, even the least relevant one, is correctly reported

Behavioral protocols and instructions for couriers: By establishing a shared regulation based on calculated and predictable risks, it is possible to standardize safety along the entire chain and prevent most hazards. A measure of this type requires that considered several factors, such as regulations, trends in the industry, data from intelligence, the type of products and infrastructure involved: Once analyzed all these elements, you can draw up a list of best practice for each logistics segment, so as to inform each operator about risks, practices, and timing. Particular emphasis should be placed on instructions to be delivered to couriers and drivers, who, being personally involved in the shipment will have to follow every step of the protocol carefully.

Risk assessment: The risk assessment process is extremely important since it allows identifying and assessing the dangers for each segment of the logistic chain. A good mapping of potential hazards should cover every aspect of the expedition and every actor involved in the logistics process, focusing both on the normal transport flow and on particular situations, such as reverse logistics and product destruction processes.

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